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World's Tiniest Body Builder

Upon entering the world, Pratik Vitthal Mohite's hands and feet were remarkably tiny. Doctors delivered a disheartening prognosis to his parents, predicting that he would never walk or move independently, requiring constant assistance throughout his life. Fast forward to the present, and as an adult, Pratik has defied expectations. He recently achieved global recognition as the world's shortest bodybuilder, securing his place in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, standing tall at an inspiring 3 feet 4 inches.

Residing in Maharashtra, India, Mohite's journey into the realm of fitness began during his teenage years. Inspired by his uncle's workout regimen, he decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle by hitting the gym. Despite facing ridicule from skeptics, Mohite remained undeterred. He established a disciplined routine, incorporating 30-minute morning runs and rigorous 2-hour gym sessions every evening.

"When I started working out, I got lots of friends and village people dissing me, and they said 'you won't be able to make it,'" he says. "But I gave myself a challenge and made myself show the world. I kept working out and motivating myself to one day get a world record in bodybuilding."

Since then, Mohite has gone on to take part in more than 40 bodybuilding competitions, at a district, state, and national level. When he participates in competitions, he says that the other bodybuilders are frequently "shocked" to see him, but he is undeterred. He hopes to encourage and inspire other people who are short and have faced similar difficulties."Though our height is short, our dreams should be big," he says. "There is nothing 'impossible' in the world. If we work hard with dedication we can change 'impossible' to 'possible'."

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