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Ten things the living room reveals about you

For some, being in a room filled with books, souvenirs and knick-knacks could be comforting, and for others claustrophobic. There are those who find minimalism clinical and boring; some would differ and say it's blissful and pure. Your mood not only defines your dressing but your home interiors as well. After all, the living space is an extension of your persona.

Personality punch

The design, colour scheme and overall aesthetics of the space can tell a lot about the homeowner's personality. A minimalist room suggests preference for simplicity and order, while a more maximalist space speaks of a free-spirited and imaginative individual. Using a lot of natural elements can also indicate earthy and environmentally conscious personalities.

Way of life

From what excites homeowners to what makes them feel nostalgic, a living space can divulge a lot. The contents of a space offer fascinating insights into the homeowner's passions and interests. For instance, musical instruments, such as a piano, hint at love for music while sports memorabilia display a passion for athletics. Travel enthusiasts often curate their living spaces with cherished collectibles and souvenirs from their adventures. This can indicate an individual's openness to experiences and willingness to explore new ideas.

Rooted in tradition

Some homes are designed traditionally while others showcase cultural cues. Cultural influences can be apparent in the design and selection of ornamental elements in the living room. Whether through traditional paintings, artefacts or textiles, these elements may reveal a homeowner's cultural heritage and background.

Don't mess with it

Did you know that a person's ability to be organised can be easily gauged from their living room? A cluttered space could mean the person is not organised or is overworked whereas a clean, clutter free, movement-focused space often points at being organised, self-disciplined, responsible and maybe more reliable.

Social circle

Even the furniture in the drawing room can reveal whether you like having people over. The living room's layout and seating arrangements hint at the homeowner's approach to socialising. An open and welcoming layout may indicate a person who enjoys hosting parties and entertaining guests. These individuals value social connections and are probably extroverts. Cosier spaces with lesser seating could indicate being reserved or introvert personalities.

Feeling nostalgic

A personalised space with family photos, artwork or items that hold sentimental value could mean that an individual values relationships and emotional connections.

Life stage

You can also tell what life stage the habitants of a home are at. Hints of 'life's beautiful' milestones surface through the presence of children's toys scattered throughout the space, or in the delicate decor choices of empty nesters and mature individuals.

Style preference

Ultimately, the living room serves as a reflection of the homeowner's unique taste and preferences. Whether they gravitate towards modern, traditional, vintage, or a fusion of different styles, their homes become a canvas of self-expression.


If you tend to dress your space as per the latest trends, this too says a lot about you. Some homeowners adapt their living room decor to reflect the changing seasons and current trends. Cosy and warm elements with deep colours and festive touches embrace the colder months, while lighter pastel colours and floral accents bring in a fresh and breezy vibe in summer and spring. It also indicates a person's openness to change.

Making it your own

Some are born with the creative talent of doing up a space with a cohesive flow of elements and others simply follow the 'I liked this so it's here' sort of approach. Either way, every nook and corner of these spaces is often filled with things that people truly love and which reflect their personalities.

Impact Of Oversleeping On Your Health: 7 Ways It Affects You

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