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Goat Yoga: The New Big Fitness Craze

Do you thought we made a typing error, we did not - Goat Yoga is the latest yoga trend!

Well, if you think baby goats are cute you need to check out Goat Yoga. It's a new fitness trend that's sweeping the world. It all started at a farm in New Hampshire, and you can now find goat yoga in many areas across the country.A goat farmer and a yoga instructor have teamed up to create a new workout.

At No Regrets Farm in Albany, yogis mingle with friendly goats while they vinyasa out on the farm during Goat Yoga. The goats aren’t exactly trained, so they just kind of hang out, snuggle up to participants and sometimes jump on their backs. Goat Yoga founder Lainey Morse says "The smiles on their faces when they get to interact with my mini goats is just pure bliss."If the success of the class has made one thing clear, it's that goats are excellent critters for helping humans zen out. "People have heard of using horses or dogs for animal-assisted therapy, but goats are the perfect farm animal to use," Morse says. "They're calm, funny, and even when they chew their cud they go into this meditative state. They're so focused, and it's really relaxing to watch."

Impact Of Oversleeping On Your Health: 7 Ways It Affects You

More Oversleeping, also known as hypersomnia, is when an individual consistently sleeps more than the recommended amount for their age group. While sleep is essential for overall health, oversleeping can have adverse effects on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, creating a sleep-conducive environment, staying physically active, and managing stress are important steps to prevent the negative consequences of oversleeping. If concerns persist, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional is recommended to ensure your sleep habits are supportive of your overall health......

Cats Who Doesn't Like Selfies At All

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